Stylist Interview Series: Ben Cerriveaux

For the second installment of our interview series, we sat down with stylist Ben Cerriveaux for a Q & A.


What are your “must have” tools?

My must have tool would be my Wahl clippers.

Who is your dream client?

My dream client would be a client that likes change and is open to new styles.

Any favorite hair trends for 2017 and any you’d like to see go?

I'm really enjoying the trend of men being comfortable going with a fade. For too long, everyone looked at a military cut as the result but there's so much more to a fade than a high and tight. The man bun must go. I'm not opposed to long hair just opposed to the lack of effort that's involved in the style.

What led you this career path?

My mother led me to the hair industry. She saw something in me that I didn't realize I would become so passionate about. We all need someone on the outside looking in!

What does “Confidence” mean to you?

Confidence breeds confidence. It's allowed me to do things I never thought I'd do before being faced with a challenge!



Stylist Interview Series: Eli Mancha

We are thrilled to launch our Stylist Interview Series with our Artistic Director Eli Mancha. The series will explore grooming tips, forecasts from our experts and personal stories of what led them to their careers. 

I fell into this career because of my passion for creativity as an artist.


What are your “must have” tools/hair arsenal?

I definitely wouldn't be able to do many  of these modern faded looks on my male clients without my clippers. My favorite are the Wahl  Magic clip. Not only is it extremely lightweight it is also cordless allowing me to work my fades easily and efficiently with professional results. Also many of these dramatic disconnected looks would be difficult to successfully execute without my Hattori Hanzo Blending Shears. Giving you invisible texture, maximum blending, and the most versatility for my clients.


Who is your dream client?

My ideal client is one that is open to change  and allowing me to evolve their look to adapt with the modern styles. I always value clients that understand the importance of using professional products to maintain their scalp, hair and hairstyle.

Any favorite hair trends for 2017 and any you’d like to see go?

Texture is on the move for 2017! Either working with more natural texture or wavy curls that our male clients already have or adding that explosive texture in with the many texturizing techniques that Lock and Loaded's education provides. Even the oh so popular pushed back pompadour look we are seeing everywhere is starting to be favored in a more disheveled finish. As far as old trends, I am ready for the hard part craze to die out. I appreciate the look and have enjoyed working with it on many of my clients but have seen far too many hard parts walking around and many of them not well executed.

What led you this career path?

I fell into this career because of my passion for creativity as an artist. Realizing the small amount of opportunity in the art world as an artist, hair became my new canvas! Giving me endless creative options for designing 3 dimensional masterpieces. Also my love for people complimented my career choice as a hairstylist. Making my clients look great and feel more confident is my everyday reward!

What does “Confidence” mean to you?

Confidence means believing in yourself and knowing that no matter what you approach, you will approach with your best efforts and have faith that with your knowledge and experience you will achieve success!


A Few Minutes With: Creative Director Jose Schnekenburger

In a nutshell, what was your purpose of going to London?

I enrolled in the London School of Barbering (LSB) to refine my technical and curriculum building skills to help lead the Lock & Loaded educational team by example.

What classes did you take at the London School of Barbering?

I took classes over a course of 9 weeks. The NVQ barbering course at LSB is equivalent to our barbering license here in the states. The first 3 weeks was “Theory on Mannequin” and the last 6 weeks were on the salon floor with 4-6 live models of every ethnicity a day.

You received an award? What was it?

The week before graduation, attendees from both campuses have an hour long competition that is judged by a celebrity barber and I was fortunate to take first place. I received 1st place certification along with graduating with merit, which is the highest rating you can receive at LSB.

What was your typical “Day in a Life”?


Wake up

7AM : 

Out the door. Took 3 trains to get to LSB.


Arrive for class and set up my station. Worked with clients for 45 minutes each.


Sometimes lunch, but only if we finished with our scheduled clients.


End of Day

730PM: Get home, as long as I didn't miss the train or go out with colleagues.

From what it sounds like, you didn't have a lot of free time, but when you did, did you have a chance to go to restaurants, nightlife, sights, shopping?

We didn’t have much time but on Fridays, after a long taxing week, we would all go out to local pubs in Covent garden and start off with some pints. After getting a few pints, we would head to SOHO to some hip little spots or jump on the train and head to Camden to an array of unique spots.

Jose's Abridged London City Guide

ART: Serpentine Gallery

COFFEE: Holborn Grind

SHOP: Dover Street Market, LN-CC

DRINKS: Experimental Cocktail Club

STAY: Artist Residence

EAT: Bao

What was your overall experience in London?

There is no doubt London is incredible city. There is a pace about it which is a bit familiar to Chicago. It has the excitement of a bustling city but a manageable speed. But from a professional standpoint, it was the best learning experience thus far in my life